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    False Artemis - B07A1F47EA26


      Loaded StarFriend 1.36, and Antivirus detects it as Artemis!B07A1F47EA26.

      I tried adding it as an exclusion and restoring the file however it keeps removing the file continuously.

      Having me to Disable the Antivirus for a period of time.



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          Hi Kallel1991,

                         Welcome to McAfee Communities. There is a reason that McAfee keeps detecting it. If you feel that the software indeed is safe, Please refer to the following Link:

          What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal


                           Upon successful submission, you should in return receive a confirmation that it is being analyzed.


          Please allow the appropriate time to process, (4-5) business days. If your issues have not been resolved after such time, please post back the (Anaylysis ID #) that you received with your confirmation. At that time ,we may be capable of expediting the process by contacting a Tech from McAfee Labs.


                            I might add also, a lot of times it can depend on where one may download from ,or something has changed in the program.I did notice Site Advisor flagging some (Bit-Torrent) Sites as "Dangerous/Malicious"


                  Wishing you all the very Best,



                  McAfee Volunteer Moderator 1


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