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    Problem with the product key



      My name's Jassim and I'm from Bahrain.


      Before I mention the main problem:

      I have bought McAfee Total Protection 2013 last sunday, on 24th.

      When I first installed it from the CD, it asked me to download installation files from the Internet and so I did.


      I see these steps:

      "1. Install and register this product

      2. Go to www.mcafee.com/uk/mtpextension

      and click Checkout

      3. Log in using the e-mail address you created in step 1

      4. Complete the purchasing process"


      However, I couldn't reach the register point or I'm not sure. Instead, I reached the subscription where it didn't accept my product key with the CD.

      I entered the subscription point of 2 steps before I download the updates completely. Then I wrote the product key to see this message:

      "You've entered an invalid product key. Please try again."

      What should I do?

      * Of course, I couldn't make a McAfee account during the installation. I only made one that doesn't confirm that I have the product.


      TOSHIBA laptop

      Windows 7 Home Premium --- 2009

      Service Pack 1

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU --- M 330 -- @ 2.13GHz -- 2.13 GHz

      32-bit Operation System