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    DB Server Key Check Failed Error


      We are having  sporatic problems with our ePO.  The SQL Server Service shutdowns down during an Audit Trace hence giving us the following error at web console login:


      "The license for ePolicy Orchestrator is invalid. Error: DB Server Key Check Failed. A database error occured while getting license information. Make sure your database server is currently running."


      Once we restart the SQL Server service or the ePO entirely, everything begins to function again.  Research has suggested a disaster recovery procedure be performed but I consider this our last resort, especially since our server will function fine for a few days before we have restart the services.


      Additional info:


      We receive the following three errors from in our SQL Server Logs right before it shuts down all marking the same time and same source (spid 82):




      "Error: 556, Severity: 21, State: 1"


      "An error occoured while writing an audit trace. SQL Server is shutting down.  Check and correct error conditions such as insufficient disk space, and then restart SQL Server.  If the problem persists, disable auditing by starting the server at the command prompt with the f' siwtch, and using SP_CONFIGURE."


      "Error: 19099, Severity: 16, State 1."


      "Trace ID '1' was stopped because of an error.  Cause: 0x80070005(Acces is denied.) Restart the trace after correcting problem."


      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.