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    Relay INBOUND emails from MEG to Internal Mail Server


      Hi McAfee Community,


      Just a newbie here in McAfee MEG.


      I have set-up a MEG server in EXPLICIT PROXY mode, i haven't put the appliance into live environment and I have no way to test INBOUND email traffic on it since the appliance will be only use for INBOUND mails only. Before putting it into live production, Just want to seek for you guys on assistance with regards on my configuration on my MEG Appliance.


      1. Where should I put the IP/Hostname of my INTERNAL MAIL Server to relay all INBOUND MAILS from MEG going to Internal Mail Server? Is it on the DNS and Routing configuration?
      2. How to permit all INBOUND mail traffic and just block yahoo and gmail mails?


      Hope for your kind understand, thanks in advance