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    McAfee DLP 9.3.200 Protection Rules policy assignment not enforcing


      Hello All,


      I have some challenges around DLP protection rules policy not taking effect immediately after creating it and applied, and doing agent wake up on a user machines. Once i go to Agent monitor console and use collect and send pros or check for new policy, dlp policy will not pull down.


      Sometimes it might take a whole day before users machines start picking up the policies which is not a good way to go, because this same policy are created in my company and it works immediately on user machine upon agent wake up, but same policy refused to work at the client site especially blocking external domain from receiving sensitive content.


      Please anyone with suggestion or solution as this is affecting an on going project and McAfee support guys aren't helping just asking to submit MER after basic troubleshooting didn't work, i can't wait till when they analyze thousand of logs.