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    Change to Spam Dictionary?


      Did Mcafee make a change to the Spam Dictionary in the last 10 days?

      I am seeing emails getting quarantined used to not be.

      When I look at the Email report "SS_SUBJ_MSG_REP=3.5".

      Example: a gmail email with a subject of "RE: Claims" got quarantined with a total score of 4.8.


      I did make some changes to my spam scores but only changed from 5.0 to 4.2.


      I did spin up a test MEG and  "SS_SUBJ_MSG_REP=3.5" is not in the dictionary.  Test MEG is not connected to the internet.


      Is  "SS_SUBJ_MSG_REP=3.5" enabled by default?

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          Just got off the phone with MEG support and they are aware of this issue.  I was told not to change anything on my MEG because Mcafee will being updating the Spam Rules version to address the false positives.


          "SS_SUBJ_MSG_REP=3.5" was created to address the Snow Shoeing spam.  Which is when Spammers change the IP address that the spam is coming from.