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    No internet connection


      I have no internet connection. I renewed McAfeeTotal and cannot access the internet (wifi) on my Win8.1 pc. Windows troubleshooting says "The DNS server isn't responding." I am using my non-McAFee protected computer (ethernet) and my iphones (3 of them) still have no problem using wifi. I tried another desktop that could access the internet the day before, which last night could not gain access.

      I reset the modem. I turned off the McAfee firewall on the pc that used wifi before, and that worked for a while last night. Today, nothing works although the pc shows it receiving a strong wifi signal. What's even more odd to me: when I looked at security under the control panel, it shows McAfee did an update at 10:06 pm but that is within the window (hours) I tried to get access to the internet. I tried a restore to before the renewal, which when I did it 4 days ago, gave me access. Going to that point last night did not work.


      Any ideas? Xfinity, Comcast says it's not their modem which makes sense since I am online on a few devices.