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    Case: To enable Gmail users within the enterprise to send mails to MS Exchange with the same domain.


      We intend to add our users on Google Apps that would co-exist with MS Exchange users within the same domain.


      Pre-requisites taken:


      SPF enabled

      DKIM setup



      We own MS Exchange based email infrastructure. We uses IronMail 6.7.2 for spam protection for its MS Exchange setup.


      We intend to use Google Apps for Business along with our current MS Exchange setup. Some of the users will be moved to Google Apps and these will use Google Apps interface for their business email. Once these users are moved to Google Apps we will need to configure IronMail to accept email from our users at Google Apps as legitimate emails destined for other our users at Exchange.


      We have made a test setup at Google Apps. Users at Google Apps can:


      1. 1. Send email to anyone on the Internet
      2. 2. Receive emails from anyone on the Internet


      Similarly, our Users at MS Exchange can send email to users at Google Apps.


      However, users at Google Apps are not being able to send mails to users at our Exchange as IronMail is rejecting the incoming mail from Google Apps. The error that IronMail is returning to Google Apps users is:


      “556 Cannot accept message from this email address”


      When we send email from Google Apps to an email user at our Exchange the IronMail Binary logs does not show any incoming email from Google Apps to ou rExchange. SMTP connection from Google Apps gets dropped immediately with “556 Cannot accept message from this email address”. This is being done by IronMail SMTPI.


      It is imperative that all mails entering the MS Exchange setup from Internet must be free from any spoofed mail falsely purporting to be from our domain Currently we can easily handle this because there was no other email server for our organization


      Now under the new setup emails from our users will either come from Google Apps or MS Exchange depending upon where that user is hosted (Google Apps / MS Exchange). This requires IronMail to handle incoming mails from legitimate users hosted at Google Apps that are destined for users hosted at MS Exchange.


      In order to make the whole thing work we require assistance from McAfee support in configuring IronMail to accept mail from our our hosted on Google Apps and at the same time reject any mails that are spoofed with valid domain name.