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      This is on Hoxhud, a mod for Payday 2. It wont let me install it, because it keeps getting quarantined. The file name itself is "PD2APIDLL1.dll and there is nothing wrong with it. If it could be made trusted, it would be much appreciated.

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          @ coffeechipmunk,


                                This particular Detection has been reported before ( PD2APIDLL1.dll ) and been cleared. Evidently something has changed? Please refer to the following Guidelines/Instructions to submit. Upon successful Submission, you should receive a Automated confirmation that it is being analyzed.

                                  What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal


                                 With your Confirmation from McAfee Labs, you will receive a Analysis ID #. after allowing the appropriate time to be processed  (4-5) business days. If not resolved by then, please post back with the (Analysis ID #) and we can quite possibly expedite the process, by contacting someone from McAfee Labs.


                                  Appreciate your patience....

          Wishing you all the very best,



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