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    Trojan file (ZeroAccess.hi) and quarantined it from C:\windows\assembly\GAC_64\Desktop.ini.


      I installed McAfee software from Cox last night.  It detected a trojan file (ZeroAccess.hi) and quarantined it from C:\windows\assembly\GAC_64\Desktop.ini.  McAfee keeps saying it needs to restart to fix problem.  Then after restart the same alert appears and cannot be minimized or closed and is preventing me from using my computer.  How can I fix this problem?

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          Hi ms6josie9,


                          Welcome to McAfee Communities. Have you gone to your Quarantined Items and select and deleted the Detection, before restarting to remove any remnants of this nasty piece of Malware?


                          If you are incapable of starting your computer.I would restart and immediately upon seeing the (Windows Logo) Starting Windows. Continuously press (f8) until you see Advanced Boot Options. Select Safe Mode with Networking. Allow time for Windows to load.I then recommend running the Latest Stinger/Rootkit Remover (Read How to Download/Install/and run. It is best to (Right Click) and run as Administrator.


                           I also recommend Malwarebytes  (Free) Version only. These Superb McAfee Tools and Others can be found in the following link"     Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                            If you need additional assistance, here is a reliable Removal Guide also:



          Please post back your results


          Wishing you all the very Best,



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