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    Location of new machines


      I have manually run the FramePkg.exe on a few machines.  when they do show up in the ePO console they are here:    System Tree \ My Organization \ Lost&Found\OurDomainName    Why do they show up in Lost&Found?   I've created new groups and i want them to show up in our new groups.  How do you set that up?

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          Hello harrinm,



          Adding sorting criteria to groups



          Use this task to configure sorting criteria for a group. Sorting criteria can be based on IP address information or tags.


          1 From the ePO Menu select System Tree | Group Details, then select the group in the System Tree.
          2 Next to Sorting criteria click Edit. The Sorting Criteria page for the selected group appears.
          3 Select Systems that match any of the criteria below, then the criteria selections appear.
          NOTE: Although you can configure multiple sorting criteria for the group, a system only has to match a single criterion to be placed in this group.
          4 Configure the criterion. Options include:
          • Tags — Add specific tags to ensure systems with such tags that come into the parent group are sorted into this group.
          • IP addresses — Use this text box to define an IP address range or subnet mask as sorting criteria. Any system whose address falls within it is sorted into this group.
          5 Repeat as necessary until sorting criteria reconfigured for the group, then click Save.