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    FramePkg.exe silent install?


      I created a new FramePkg.exe which works.  if you double click on it everything gets installed and then the machine shows up in the ePO console as a "managed machine"  but I can't get this FramePkg.exe to install in silent mode.  I've tried:

      FramePkg.exe /Install=Agent /Silent

      FramePkg.exe /q

      FramePkg.exe /silent


      and a few others and it runs in silent mode but nothing installs.   I'm trying to deploy this using CM2012 (Microsoft's deployment tool) and I need it to be silent.


      how is this done? 

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          I've been using the /INSTALL=AGENT /SILENT switches here without any problem. Before attempting to deploy it, did you try running this locally to see if it works? FramePkg.exe should appears in the processes list while it's installing.

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            OK, is this "case sensitive"?   I ran what you had (all upper case) and it worked.  

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              one more big question on this.....   if a clean machine comes online and I run FramePkg.exe on it does it install everything we need?  Or do I still need to install McAfee 8.8?    

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                Apparently, the options aren't case sensitives but the values are (that's what the product guide says).


                VSE does not communicate with the ePO console. All the traffic is initiated and done by the agent. McAfee agent and VSE are 2 different components. If you don't install the McAfee Agent and install VSE, it will install a "standalone" agent in order to communicate and retrieve updates from the McAfee website (internet). You don't want that if you have an ePO server. To deploy on new client, you should install the McAfee Agent using FramePkg.exe and make sure the system is managed in ePO. Once this is done, you can proceed installing VSE8.8 (assuming this is what you're using McAfee for) either manually or using ePO to deploy it through the Product Deployment. If you want to install VSE8.8 manually and silently, you can use McAfee Installation Designer to repackage the VSE8.8 installation.

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                  hi, here is what we currently have in place.   We use CM2012 to deploy our Windows 7 image.  Within the task sequence that does the OS build we install McAfee 8.8.   I then wanted to run the FramePkg.exe on all Windows 7 machines.   Will that work or do I need to install VSE8.8 separately?   


                  What I would really like to do is have the ePO console install everything so I don't need to use CM2012.  But I can't figure out how to target individual OU's within AD.    How do you make ePO deploy all components and target only the OUs you want?

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                    I haven't done it but it is possible to import OUs into the System Tree. Under "My Organization", select a group and select the tab "Group Details". There should be an option called "Synchronization type". If you want to use this method, you will have to configure a Server Task to import the OU/computer objects in ePO on a daily basis for example. If you just can't do what you want with this method, I'd just put McAfee Agent 4.8 (FramePkg.exe) followed by VSE8.8 in the task sequence.

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                      ok, I'm sorry, I'm new to this so I need to know how to get all of our systems protected.  I keep hearing and reading all sorts of different things. 


                      1.  How many different .EXE's do we need to install on each target machine to protect them? 

                      1a.  what are the .EXE(s)?


                      2.  We have McAfee 8.8 currently installed on all of our Windows 7 machines.  Does that need to be uninstalled or can we push new .EXE's over the top?

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                        You want to install the McAfee Agent (Frmpkg.exe) on each machine you want to manage security for from McAfee. This will enable you to deploy other endpoint products to the systems.
                        Then when this is installed you can deploy VirusScan Enterprise and other products you have in your licences. Generally VSE and HIPS are deployed to endpoints. For some Site Advisor works nice, though personally i would recommend a good web filter instead of this.


                        Either way. install the agent first. If an agent is already in place and you want to upgrade it, you can force the installation over the previous one so it doesn't require an uninstall to take place first.
                        If you have VSE 8.8 installed and no agent, you can just install an agent to get the system managed. VSE should function correctly still. If any problems arise from this, i would recommend a re-install of VS, but this shouldn't be necessary.


                        In the end you should have systems with frmpkg.exe install, this is the McAfee Agent. and VSE. This is the virus scanner. Optionally you can deploy more software if you have licences for it.


                        You can also bake the McAfee Agent into the golden image you supply to your clients. This will require McAfee Agent 4.8 with the VDI mode enabled. this ensures no problems with duplicate GUIDs. Sometimes you'll want to remove the mac and ip entries too in the agent registry entries of the golden image if there's duplicates which arise from this. (duplicates in the system tree in ePO)

                        This way you don't need to provide the install to each freshly imaged system.

                        I recommend reading this product guide to get more up to speed on agent capabilities. Also check the known errors articles in the knowledge base, this always gives a good indication of what to expect with the software in your network.
                        https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 24000/PD24333/en_US/MA_480_ProductGuide.…

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                          thank you, this helps a lot.  I will read the doc you posted.  one last question.  In my ePO console if a machine says "managed" are you good?  Meaning for it to say managed means you truly are setup right and the system is managed?



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