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    Why are the xdat update packages getting smaller?


      See topic ^!


      I manually download the xdat updates and install them onto stand alone systems and noticed that starting in about June 2014 the xdat.exe file sizes are shrinking?


      Here is a list:


      xdat name / date / file size (in MB)


      7478xdat.exe / 6-24-14 / 123mb

      7492xdat.exe / 7-7-14 / 111mb

      7513xdat.exe / 7-28-14 / 101mb

      7519xdat.exe / 8-4-14 / 95mb

      7541xdat.exe / 8/29/14 / 79mb


      Up until that time frame (June 2014) they were increasing which made sense to me, as Mcafee adds more content to block etc... so my question is why on earth are they now getting smaller!?