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    Install VSE 8.8 Patch 4 From Evaluation Branch

    Scott Sadlocha

      I am attempting to test VSE 8.8 P4 now, and running into an issue. I have placed both the full install and P4 into the Eval branch. As a first attempt and for testing purposes, I am trying to deploy this patch to members of my team. I configured a Client Task to install, but it fails. I suspect this is because it is the full install as noted above, and requires that VSE be uninstalled first, and then this run. Unfortunately, I can't do this, because we are using Cisco NAC and one of our requirements is AV. The minute I uninstall VSE, I will no longer be able to connect to our network. This would not be a viable option going forward.


      So then I look at the Patch 4 package alone. While this would most likely work, I am not sure how to deploy it. I configured a Product Update task, but as far as I know, you are unable to specify branch or specifics. In this case, the patch has to be in Current for the agent to pick it up. If I place the patch in Current and run the job quickly to update my PC, there is still a chance that another PC will update in the meantime and pick up the patch as well. This is not really a good method for testing.


      Can anyone tell me a good way that I can deploy VSE 8.8 Patch 4 to a handful of computers without affecting other computers? This seems ridiculous that I can't do this easily through ePO. Perhaps I am missing something obvious.