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    creating tasks


      what is the difference between server task and client task??

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          - An ePO Server Task is run by the ePO application on a given schedule. Some examples include;

          • AD Syncronization (ePO syncs AD with the ePO System Tree)
          • Run a Tagger (Run tags on the ePO system tree)
          • Update the Master Repository (Update the ePO master repository from McAfee)


          - A Client Task relates to tasks that occur on the client workstation\server. For Example;

          • Perform an update (Update the client system w hotfixes, service packs, dats, engines, encryption themes etc.)
          • Perform a deployment\uninstall of a McAfee product (Product installed ore removed at the client)
          • Install\remove an RSD sensor (Install a sensor on a remote system)
          • Perform an On Demand Scan (Scan files on the client by schedule)
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                 Thank you :-)