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    Why should I upgrade from VSE 8.7i to 8.8?


      Why should I upgrade from VSE 8.7i to 8.8?

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          Community Interface Help is no place to get answers regarding software.  I moved this to Business > VSE for better attention.



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            One- End of Life Support

            Two- 8.8 added a cache of scanned files (which is why MOVE really improve performance since a MOVE Server is running VSE 8.8).  So where in 8.7, once you scanned a file, you could end up scanning it again- which really hurts in a VDI environment.

            Three- Improved Access Protection, GTI, and Buffer Overflow

            Four- better support for newer WINDWOS OS


            Note- if you are on 8.7 and haven't bought 8.8, End Point Security 10 will be out soon and would make more sense to go from 8.7 to EPS10.


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              There was a major improvement in performance with the incorporation of VS8.8 Patch 2. Your question take on more dimension since you have asked for the differences between 8.7 and 8.8. If you were in my class I would quite a few analogies for you. I think this short list will get you on the right frame of mind.

              So here we go;


              VS8.8 improves performance in;

              1. File-caching
              2. On-Demand Scanning (ODS) 84% faster than 8.7
              3. On-Access Scanning (OAS) 84% faster than 8.7
              4. Memory Consumption - Consumes approx. 60Mb less memory than 8.7
              5. Registry Scanning - Benchmarks show an 11% gain with 8.8 over 8.7
              6. Battery Life - Uses 25% less battery power than 8.7
              7. Boot Time - Boot time is decreased by approx. 8% over previous versions
              8. ScriptScan - Script scanning is 30% improved over 8.7
              9. The DAT update process is faster with 8.8. The DAT update is 12% faster than 8.7
              10. Developer Compiling - If you were a developer who spent 2 hours a day compiling code you would save approximately 17 minutes and that is a 15% improvement of 8.7. By the way that is about 5.6 hours a month!
              11. GTI worked better with VS8.8 than 8.7
              12. VirusScan 8.8 was released January 20th of 2011. If you are using 8.7, that was released September 26, 2008.


              We are approaching the 6 year anniversary of VirusScan 8.7. I think your computer would thank you for the upgrade.


              I hope that helped. Good-Luck