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    DAT Release Version




      At what do Mcafee release a new DAT version, Is there a fixed time for this ?

      It's Important for my reporting and updating my Master repository server.


      Pls Help.



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          Community Interface Help is NOT the right place to get any help with products.  I have moved this provisionally to ePO as your profile says you are using it.


          Someone with that product knowledge should help you soon.



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            Please look at KB #: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB55986



            At what time during the day will the daily DAT files be made available?
            The daily DAT files are generally available by 19:00 (UTC/GMT). However, if a new threat warrants this, daily DAT files may be released earlier. Under some circumstances daily DAT releases may be delayed. To receive alerts regarding delays or important notifications, subscribe to the McAfee Support Notification Service (SNS). For SNS details, see article KB67828.