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    BT Netprotect Plus Install Incomplete - Couldn't Install Security Features


      I am having problems installing BT Netprotect Plus which continually fails with the error "Couldn't install any of the security features included with your software". The advice is to run McAfee Virtual Technician but this also fails.


      I have a HP desktop running windows 7 and IE 9.


      I have read similar discussions on this problem and have carried out a number of the suggested recovery actions but to no avail:

      • ran the McAfee clean tool MCPR
      • renamed dll files
      • Uninstalled / re-installed C++ files
      • Removed other antivirus products - winferno, Norton


      The problem is now driving me mad so can anyone please help. I have attached some log information which I hope may help.


      Extremely lengthy log removed, zipped and added as an attachment below - Moderator