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    Update virus definition manually


      Hi. We have 7 PCs and 2 laptops installed with Mcafee Security center with 3 years subscription. Only 1 PC is connected to internet for virus definition update. Can I set this PC as a virus definition/engine update server path on other PC. Since the PC are running as SCADA server/client, most of them are not connected to internet. Any additional software such as Mcafee Manager or something required? Please advise. Many thanks.

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          @ hlkyaw,


                          Being that I am a Volunteer Moderator for McAfee (Consumer Products) I feel that you could better benefit if this discussion was appropriately moved to the (Buisness) Section. In order to determine if this is indeed the case, could you please apprise us of actually what McAfee Security Solution you subscribe to?


                         By doing so, this will better enable us to better assist you, and hopefully resolve your issues.




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            Hi catdaddy,

            thanks for your comment. I feel the same way. Since we had already bought 7 PCs and 2 laptops (Win 7) from Dell with 3 years Mcafee subscription, I do not know how to upgrade or change the product level to business version. Anyway following is the product that we have on all the Windows 7 PC that we have. We are going to order 13 more Dell Win 7 computers along with the same package where it will come with Mcafee 3 years subscription. All the PCs are running for Port Control system network handling SCADA so all of them except 1 PC is connected to the internet for the purpose of downloading the updated virus definition file. So I was hoping I can update all the PCs virus definition file via FTP path from the PC that connected to the internet. Is there any work around here to get this issue sorted.For now, everytime I go to site, I have to manually update the virus definition/engine by using the wifi 3G dongle on each of them. We would like to automate this process weekly if possible.

            Any advise would be much appreciated.

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              As far as I understand only the enterprise version can handle such a task as Cd says.

              I will get a tech to chime in when he is online he might know more


              note to Other mods please leave this here till support posts here.

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                The Consumer version of the software can't be manually updated other than right-clicking the task-bar icon and requesting updates that way.   It used to be possible to manually download and install DAT's for the antivirus portion of the software but that ability is now only possible with VirusScan Enterprise and for how long that will last I'm not sure.

                You can't "upgrade" from Consumer to Enterprise as they are totally different entities, one would need to be removed first before contemplating the other.  Also Enterprise products involve multiple licensing so many small businesses opt for the Consumer product for that reason.


                One of the stipulated system requirements of all McAfee software is an Internet Connection as the software polls for updates very frequently.  If that access is not available then the software will start thowing up errors.


                The only Enterprise product that may fill the bill here would be SaaS but that too requires an Internet connection to maintain viability:  McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection Suite | McAfee Products

                (Change country if necessary at bottom right)


                Support for that is in a different area of these forums.


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                  Thanks Guys

                  For chiming in, as this is one of those occasions that for me anyways, is considered a ( " Learning Moment' )


                  I was just the other day asked by my Primary Care Physicians-Office Manager, if they could switch from their present Security Solution to McAfee. For the one they were utilizing was constantly giving them issues. I will Digress from mentioning the name...But one can figure it out.


                  They are in the process of upgrading their Systems to Windows 7 SP1. Of course I personally have "Vested" interest as I use my individual (Patient Portal) to review my Visit Summary/Prescriptions/Doctors Notes etc. Dee..(The Office Manger)  asked me if it would be more cost effective to use the Consumer Version of McAfee, opposed to purchasing the Enterprise Product Solutions ?


                  I immediately informed her to contact Customer Service, and they could determine which individual product would benefit them most. Also, I brought up the fact of when earlier this year how one of the Vendors whom provided services to (Target) had been compromised by electing to use (Malwarebytes (Free) as their sole protection, and it is history on what occurred with the Breach from doing so.


                  Not only did that vendor not have any protection, with no RTS Module. But is my understanding was in violation from not providing/or putting in place adequate SafeGuards to protect Customers personal financial  information.


                  In other words, there are occasions when attempting to keep operating costs at a minimum, the security of one,s business should be first and foremost, especially when pertaining to the Privacy of a Patients Medical History. I have since discovered that she is and has decided to go with McAfee (Buisness) Solution , which I informed her was in their best interests to do so.


                  Anyhow...Just wanted to add that....

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                    Hi CatDaddy,


                    I surmise you are inside the USA -- Your Health Care Provider is required to adhere to HIPAA Security Rules. See:

                    The Security Rule (URL=www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/administrative/securityrule/) which leads to:

                    Security Risk Assessment | Providers & Professionals | HealthIT.gov (URL=www.healthit.gov/providers-professionals/security-risk-assessment)

                    a tool for assessing compliance.


                    Presumably any web accessible pages you log into are on Servers, not W7 or similar workstation class OS,' the consumer grade software does not run. Servers need the business class VSE for there protection and yours.


                    Ron Metzger

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                      Thanks Ron,

                                    Yes you are Most correct...Reside down here in Southern North Carolina. Thanks for the info of the regulatory guidelines. Dee did indeed Suggest to her superiors, to Go with McAfee. Which Product,I am unaware of. However, I can find out as I am scheduled to go in next week.


                      Thanks Ron,


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                        Consider installing ePO on a server which has Internet Access. ePO will get the updates and then allow workstations to get DAT updates from the local server. The workstations would run VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) as would the server. ePO would give complete control of the local network updates and management.


                        The software you have is the Consumer grade version without any of the controls you would like to manage.


                        Upon installing VSE, the consumer grade version of VirusScan (Security Center) will be uninstalled. You state you have 9 nodes. Add a server to the mix and you would be at the 10 Node License. Contact McAfee for reputable sales advice and to discuss all your security needs.


                        With SCADA devices, consider Application Control, to help lock down whatever changes that could cause problems. Application Control is also managed by ePO.


                        Ron Metzger

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                          I might add, that when I said "Which Product". I was referring to the Buisness Line of Protection. Not only are my personal health records , vital. I have a Cardio-Defibrillator implanted, along with a Medtronic Home Heart-Montoring System, all via the Internet.


                          Sorry I should have (Edited) rather than post again...


                          Edited; to add more content

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