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    Must I put all ID and Vendor ID from all smartphones?


      Lately I was working with DLP, for pendrives and RW CD/DVD works great, but with smartphones, especially with those that work with Android OS I have too much troubles, with apple products there's an specific ID and vendor ID, so I put them all, all apple devices (Iphone, Ipad) are blocked. Now with Android devices there is a lot of troubles, first I used this link: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB73171 for some devices worked well, but others devices just pass the rule, then I tried to put the ID and vendor ID, once again worked for some devices and not for others, those were chinese version of samsung and another unknown models. My question is, How can I block the usb port for all kind of devices? because if I have to put every Vendor ID and ID model, I never will end, new models arrive and sometimes it is impossible to control all the personal into an institution, I can't go and just said "don't bring your non corporate device to work!". How can I configure for an massive control instead item by item control?