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    probably BUG in ePO 5.1.0 dashboard configuration?!




      I already wrote about this a few weeks ago. I had the problem that I overwrote the standard McAfee ePO-Summary dashboard on my ePO Server with a test-dashboard. Usually this shouldn`t be possible, but in my case it did.

      Happily a member of this board posted the xml file of the original McAfee summary dashboard, so I could restore it in the public dashboard section on my server.

      The original McAfee summary dashboard list entry is still overwritten with my test dashboard...


      Foolishly I overwrote an other McAfee standard dashboard (the VSE:trends (or similar, the exact spelling is not available at the moment)) on my server, but now I realized who I did. I think there is a bug in this case.


      I opened a self created public dashboard and did some changes on it. Then I selected the VSE:trends dashboard in the dropdown list.

      At this moment a popup came up with the hint "This page asks you to confirm that you want to leave the page - data you have entered will not be saved under certain circumstances."

      Here I clicked discard. I got back to my modified dashboard. Now I clicked on the save button to save the changes I mode at the dashboard. Accidentally in the dropdownlist, where you can choose the different dashboards, still was the McAfee standard dashboard selected.

      Then in the moment I clicked save, the McAfee standard dashboard entry was overwritten with my custom dashboard.


      This should be reproduceable.