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    ePO 5.1.1 VSE 8.8 Access Protection Rules Empty


      I've just performed a new install of ePO 5.1.1 on a Windows Server 2012 R2 SP1 environment, and added the extensions for VSE 8.8 RP4.


      When configuring the Policies for VSE, the Categories within the Access Protection Rules are blank.


      I can create new Port Blocking / Registry etc.. rules, but am unable to change any of the default Access Protection Rules.


      Has the location for modifying the blocking of Mass Mailing Worms changed, or is this an error with the install of ePO / VSE extensions.


      I have another installation of ePO 5.0.1 on a different domain with the VSE 8.8 extensions, and that works fine.



      Is there a step I have missed in the registering of extensions?





      Any assistance, greatly appreciated.

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