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    Adding DHCP, IAS and SharePoint data sources




      I'm wondering how to collect logs from MS DHCP, IAS (RADIUS) and SharePoint services, as I cannot find appropriate data source guides for adding mentioned devices into ESM.


      Thank you in advance,


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          Good afternoon, I would look for the "supported data sources" guide inside of the documentation for more information on what is supported. Looking around I see that there are parsers written for

          Windows DHCP (ASP)

          Sharepoint (ASP)

          Internet Authentication Service (ASP)


          These would be the three parsers you would select. If these logs would all be coming from a single system you may need to set up 3 seperate data sources on the receiver and use the McAfee event collector and a hostid in order to send the 3 log types to the SIEM and then split them up logically into different data sources. There may be a limitation that prevents the receiver from having more than 1 data source using the same source IP and the event collector is a useful way around that by making use of hostid's to 'tag' where a packet is bound.



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            I thought it would be in the knowledgebase, but if you have support, as them for the "Macafee Enterprise Security Manager Data Source Configuration Guide Data Source: McAfee (Nitro) SIEM Collector. That may have what you are looking for.