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    Mailer Daemon


      How do I get rid of these emails from mailer daemon I must receive about 1000 a day and I cannot figure out what started this and how to get rid of it.  Please help

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          two questions what product have you installed and have you details wrt the emails what do they say?

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            is this what you are getting if so a solution from PCMag site

            Definition of:mailer-daemon  

            Software in a mail server that delivers messages to recipients. When you get a MAILER-DAEMON@whatevercompany.com message in your inbox, the server at that company is informing you that it is returning your message because of some failure. The "to" e-mail address may no longer be valid, or there may be a problem routing the message to the appropriate mail server. Your domain name may be on a blacklist, and the server is refusing all incoming messages from it. See blacklist.


            Chances are also good that you never sent the message in the first place. Your e-mail address could have easily been copied by a worm from someone else's address book and used as a "from" address without your knowledge

            It usually means someone with your email addy in their address book has malware and someone is using your address for spam. this is called spoofing I even had mine used 1 time and got 100s bounced emails