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    PA Linux Commands


      I need to validate the installation of PA on linux and the version installed, also all the locations PA installs to. I have only located information on the path that PA installs to. /opt/McAfee/audtengine. Can anyone help me with the commands to locate all the files that are installed and how to display the version. I"m able to do this in VSE with:


      a.       Run command “cd /opt/NAI/LinuxShield/bin”

      b.      Run Command “./nails –v”

      c.       Version numbers should be:

      o   McAfeeVSEForLinux 1.7.0-28611

      §  RHEL 6: 1.7.0-28611-noarch

      o        Virus definition files 7456.0000

      o        Virus scanning engine 5400.1158

      Is there anything like the above that I can get the same information for PA?