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    files & folders not seen in My Docs, but can be seen on C drive


      Computer looks like it was wiped brand new, I can NOT see the folders and files in my docs/my pics, BUT  I can see the files on the C drive, so I have not lost them.


      I turned on my computer this morning and was terrified when I didn't see my normal desktop. The background color was different. The program icons are on the desktop but some icons were missing (like Windows Mail!!) I went to My Documents and My Pictures and both these folders looked like they did when I first got the computer. For example I can now see Sample Pictures and I had long ago deleted Sample Pictures.


      Initially it appeared that my computer had been wiped clean, but my files can be found on the C: Drive


      My files and folders are still on my computer because:

      I go to the > C Drive >Users> Doc and all my folders and files are there.

      I go to the > C Drive >Users> Pic and all my folders and files are there. Thank the Lord!


      I have already gone to Folder Options and ensure that "show files and folders" was checked. So they are NOT hidden


      Maybe if I could figure out what caused it, I could fix it!

      I had heard that a virus could cause this. I checked my Mcaffee and it said all was well.   I ran spybot and it found a few minor things, but none fixed this problem.

      My husband said that when he last used the computer it was doing what thought was a Windows Update He didnt turn it off. But it was off this morning when I turned it n. . I now wonder if it was a fake windows update.


      What can I do to get my old desktop back? How do I make the files appear under My documents.


      Thanks in advance for any help.

      Granny DP



      Windows 7 Home Premium