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    ePO Server IPv6 problem




      I have an ePO 5.1.0 Server on MS Windows 2012 running.

      My main problem is that the ePO server quits running randomly. The login of the webinterface shows something like "wrong license" or similar. The exact wording can not be called current.

      In the audit log I found some entries like "error with logging in the user "system_epo-server" from ip adress "long IPv6 adress" reason: wrong password".

      The IPv6 adress that is shown in the error message is the one of the teredo IPv6 tunneling interface of the server.

      When I restart the ePO server services, the ePO is running again but only for a certain time.

      In our environment we are only using IPv4. Both IP adresses, and DNS.

      How can I prevent the ePO server from using any IPv6 connections of the server?!

      Thanks for your help!