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    f1- help windows keep opening automatically

      All good people,

      I am in a precarious situation as my pc is not working properly. I have a hp pavillion 1242tx laptop, with windows vista home premium loaded. I am listing the problems that are happening:

      1) After pressing the power button , automatically the (f1 - system information) loads without pressing f1 button, after exiting the help screen, laptop gives a continuous beep sound for almost 1 minute and then the windows load.

      2) when i try to open any application or browse through file system(c drive, d drive, control panel etc), the help windows open automatically, if i try to minimize it or close it, it again opens up, eventually not letting me to do any work.

      3) If i opens firefox, it automatically opens lots and lots of tabs(200 and more).

      4) when i boot the system in safe mode and command prompt, and tries to type any command it doesn't let me to type, and continuously delete the letters i am typing.


      1) My f1 key is working properly and there seems to be no problem with it.
      2) I have scanned the system with mcafee latest virus definition and found nothing.
      3) The above mentioned problem doesn't happen always, sometimes the system justs works properly without any of the above mentioned problem

      please help me guys, as i am in a precarious situation, as i can't figure out, whether the pc is having virus problem, or its a hardware problem. Thanks in advance.