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    Artemis!FDAB127487F6 (Trojan) -- I don't know if this is false or not


      We keep getting a message from McAfee entitled:


      Trojan Detected

      McAfee has detected an infected item in a shared folder on your network. To remove the threat, right-click the folder, change its properties to allow full access, and then click Scan.

      About This Trojan

      Detected: Artemis!FDAB127487F6 (Trojan)

      Quarantined From: [this is left blank]




      There is no other information, nor is there any folder to right-click on. It's been popping up about every 10 minutes for the last 1 1/2 day.


      This is a home network, but the message only appears on one of the computers even though all three are networked.


      We’ve done McAfee scans on all three computers. The result is that McAfee says all three are free of viruses and malware.


      I’ve set the computer up to show all hidden folders, and I’ve cleared the Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs (though I haven’t done that to the long list of Quarantined Items yet until I hear from you).


      What do I do next to solve this problem? It's driving me crazy!