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    False Artemis!503A4EF6324E


      The origin of this particular file is a game-add on (Mod) to PAYDAY 2 and called HOXHUD, a popular steam group with over 100,000 users (https://steamcommunity.com/groups/HoxHud) using this specific mod. Many included are mcafee users who are experiencing the same issue. I believe this is a false positive after investigating that the creators use some sort of themida in order to prevent modifications of their corefile to prevent game hackers to bypass their anti-cheat indicator in-game and exposing them. In addition, malwarebyte, avast, and many other anti-virus softwares found this file clean. This link includes the comments of mcafee users who experience this specific issue and are unable to solve the issue due to Mcafee's real-time scanner's inability to add exceptions upon files. About AV software saying Hoxhud is a Trojan/Virus :: HoxHud . Also, the creators of this mod continues to update this add-on time to time. A question that occurs to me is if the file was to be updated, would it revert back to Artemis even though the previous version is white-listed.  Note that updates are applied every now and then.