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    False Artemis!B1199A94A055


      Attempting to install EMC VNX Toolbox 2.3.0 directly from EMC's website.

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          Did you report the URL as per the numerous other posts on this topic?

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            Do I need to take any further actions on this?  I sent the e-mail along with this forum post.



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              @ slateythree,

                              Without seemingly interjecting myself into the discussion. For all one has to do is (Hover) over Safeboot,s Avatar/Icon to determine that he possesses more knowledge than I or most individuals. Just by his significant (Title) and affiliation with McAfee.


                               Actually I was hesitant in responding, for this seems to be a (Buisness) application, opposed to a (Consumers) point of contact. Which I am more knowledgeable. I would surmise that you submitted the False Artemis! by following the Guidelines/Instructions with-in this Link;

              What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal


                                Or by the following Link as well:   Detection Dispute Submission | McAfee Labs


                                 Even then one has to allow the appropriate time for the submitted Program/File to be analyzed. Especially due to the nearly 150,000 detections per day, McAfee receives/detects. To include previous submittals being analyzed.


                                  Having said all of this...When you asked if there was any need to do anything else? This being only

              August 18th, and taking into consideration that (2) of those days included (Saturday/Sunday) since your intial submission. Allow several more days to be processed/ under analysis please


                                   Should your issue not be resolved by then, you should have received a (Analysis ID #) post back with the indicative Analysis ID #, and quite possibly we can expedite the process by contacting one of the McAfee Labs Technicians.



                             All the Best,


                             Volunteer Moderator.

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                I may have a title and knowledge, but Catdaddy, my customer service skills and patience are eclipsed by yours, to which I am eternally grateful

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                  Thanks catdaddy and Safeboot.  There was a previous reply by rptest which had made me think I submitted the False detection incorrectly, so I wanted to make sure the only other thing I had to do was wait patiently. 

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                      @ slatelythree,

                    Thank you for the clarification..  For the end goal of our correspondence, is to ultimately Attempt to resolve yours ,and all concerned issues. Please try to re-submit ,and as mentioned in the previous post .After allowing the appropriate time for McAfee to resolve/clear/or Whitelist the here-in mentioned File/Program.


                    Please feel free to post back the Analysis ID #, associated with your submission, upon confirmation that McAfee Labs has indeed received it. And should it be the case, you still have no answer. We Moderators have (Certified/Qualified) McAfee Labs technician available to assist in such matters.


                    Until then,

                    Again, All the best.




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                      @ Safeboot,

                                  You are way too kind..in your accolades. Although they are personally appreciated.

                      I in return am very appreciative that (Management) takes it upon themselves to offer assistance. That goes a (Long) way to show that our many Customers/Users are indeed listened to.


                                   So back at cha....Thank you for your invaluable Input/ Contributions/knowledge.


                                  Having said this...I sincerely hope that at some point, I can Obtain/Gain the knowledge that the (Big 3) has. For they have vociferously proven time and time again, that they are indeed (True Vets)


                                    Without mentioning any names, I think both the Consumers/Customers can attest the same. And indeed know whom I am talking about.....



                                       Catdaddy Mod 1