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    MSMS 3.0 Install on SharePoint 2013 - How to use command line for Install Modules through EPO 4.6.6


      Hi All

      I am trying to install MSMS through my EPO Servers but cannot get the command line stuff to work.. The document suggests the commands to use using bullet points.. These cannot be used in the Client Task as there is only 1 line for command line enties..

      Extract from Install Manual


      REMOTESQLUSER = "DomainName\UserName or HostName\UserName"


      REMOTESQLPWD = "password"


      IISPORT = 45900 (Optional)

      I have tried separating them with spaces and ; but the installs to not complete...  Example REMOTESQLUSER = "DomainName\UserName"; REMOTESQLPWD = "password" and also tried spaces REMOTESQLUSER = "DomainName\UserName"; REMOTESQLPWD = "password"