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    ELM Raw log storage migration


      Hi Guys,


      I have a question related to the ELM Raw log storage pools. We need to migrate the Raw logs from one SAN storage to another.At the moment there is no written procedure related to that so i was wondering whether someone has tried something similar.

      I can imagine it will be combination of modifying the Alloc.conf and storage.conf but honestly this is something i don't want to try as this is H/W appliance that might cause serious problems.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Just a quick thought,


          How about adding the second storage pool, then mirroring the log data and then breaking the mirror by removing the old location and leaving the new?  Be careful mucking with the conf files with hand edits as you could make a mess of things.

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            Actually i've found section called moving storage poll withing the guide which describes the process and indeed it involves mirroring.

            Once i'm ready i'll post the results.

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              The correct way :


              1. On the System Navigation Tree, click on the ELM device currently holding the storage pool.
              2. Click on the Properties icon ( ) on the Actions toolbar.
              3. Click on the Storage Pools option.
              4. Click on the mirrored devices, which will be listed under the pool to be moved, in the Storage Pool table.
              5. Click on Edit to the right of the Storage Pool table in the bottom half of the dialog. The Edit Storage Device dialog will open.
              6. Click on the Data Storage Devices drop down list and select the device that has been mirroring the storage pool to be moved. It is now the data storage device.
              7. If you want to have a device mirror the stored data on the new data storage device, select a device in the Mirrored Data Storage Device drop down list. If the device you want is not listed on the drop down list, add the device to the Storage Device table first (refer to the Add, Edit, or Delete a Storage Device section).
              8. Click OK. The new information will be added to the Storage Pool table.



              !!!!!!!!! there should be enough space on the source and destination storage for additional allocation file that has size equal to the raw size of the source log volume !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!