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    EWS space disk full, error fflush




      I have a EWS 5.6 Virtual Appliance, suddenly the space disk is full for the partitions /var/ /etc/ and /dev/, I can enter to the web interface, but when i enter in the command line, i see the following error "fflush() to pid file '/var/run/named/named.pid' failed" it can be related with the disk space?


      how can i clean space disk? is this due a misconfiguration? what should i check first?



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          While EWS does have a command line, I don't think there's that much you can do without a McAfee engineer on a remote control session, as on the occasions I have been witness to this when they run the "su" command to elevate the priviledges they also enter some kind of control code which you can't see on the screen.


          However if accessing the CLI is producing an error, you may already be passed the point of them being able to do anything for you.


          If you still have access to the GUI it may be a case of taking a configuration backup, re-imaging the system and the restoring the configuration. Logs and such like will be lost, but if the fact the disk is full is resulting in other problems it may be the only option you have left.