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    Super Agent Capacity


      -My Epo Server is located at X Location , I have a super Agent Repository configured at Y Location and systems in Y location get their updates from this SA Repository , another  location Z is configured to pick its updates from Super agent Repository hosted @ Y , how many nodes can this Super Repository take



      Y Location - SA server - 2000 nodes

      Z Location - 1500 nodes


      there is a 2GB Bandwidth between Y and Z



      any help to calculate bandwidth and number of nodes is highly apprecated

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          Peter M

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            Thanks Brit

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              I coudln't find any stated capacity statements for super agent. It is dependent on a bunch of things: device, existing load, bandwidth, products being used.So you have 3500 nodes updating from a super agent. An incremental update file is about .5 MB these days, but it varies from day to day. So about 1750 MB of traffic, which really is not that much. Your 1500 nodes at the other site would need 750MB to transfer the dat file updates. So 0.750 GB, and your link is 2Gb/s or about 0,2 GB/s since link speeds are in bits per seconds not bytes per second. I divide by 10 instead of 8bits/byte to add a fudge factor. Obviously there is a bunch of overhead in the transfers but doesn't look like an issue at all.

              You can do the same calcs for a full dat (100MB) or VSE88 (50MB).

              If load is an issue on the server per say, as opposed to he link, and again I don't think it would be that much of a load then just add another super agent at the site or remote site. Any agent can be turned into a super agent if there enough storage for the repository.

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                Thanks a Lot Andre that helped me a lot , so one more query on this SA , how much active connections can SA Repository handle at an ASCI Interval .


                Is there any ques mechanism , Like FIFO or LIFO

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                  The ASCI is actually not relevant - clients will only talk to the SA repo when performing deployment or update tasks, not for normal ASCs.

                  I believe the SA can handle 250 simultaneous connections: I would imagine that it would be able to support the number of machines that you're talking about, although of course this will depend on how often they are running tasks. (If you have the "run this task at evry enforcement interval" option enabled, for example, then the load would obviously bne higher.)


                  HTH -



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                    Thanks Joe , , Got It Cleared

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                      You can calculate the bandwidth if you know the size of the patch or product being downloaded. At a minimum, each of your clients must download, on average, 400 KB per day for DAT files. The following examples show how to calculate the bandwidth used for the client updates using this  formula:


                      (Size of update file) x (Number of nodes) = Amount of data pulled per day



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                        Thanks Ansarias