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    False Artemis!78F6D77997CC


      I'm reporting this as instructed here: What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal


      I noticed my software being flagged via virus total.

      I already sent the False Artemis!78F6D77997CC email.


      Please fix asap !


      What is causing this please ?

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          @ cybergonzo


                        When submitting as instructed, you should receive a confirmation from McAfee that it is under Analysis. With this reply you should obtain a Analysis ID #, or Work Item # if submitted through Getsusp. Please allow the appropriate time for it to be processed (4-5) business days.


                            Due to the immense amount of  daily detections (Around 150,000). If not resolved by then, please kindly post back the Analysis ID #, and quite possibly we can expedite the process by contacting someone in McAfee Labs.



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            Thanks Catdaddy,


            I sent an email to: virus_research@mcafee.com per the instructions, but I have not heard back yet.  Nothing automated either.


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              Did you zip it up as the directions suggested? If not properly submitted,McAfee will not receive it. When was the actual date you attempted to submit?

              Please see the following Guidelines as well;

              Submit a Virus or Malware Sample | McAfee Labs

              You,re quite welcome...that,s what we are here for..




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                I didn't sent the file at all.  I simply followed instructions that said:


                If something is identified, maybe wrongly as "Artemis" then McAfee already knows about it.  Merely send an email to virus_research@mcafee.com with the Artemis detection name and the words "False Artemis!++++++++++++" (where ++++++++++++ is the 12-digit code given to it) as the subject line. (Minus the "").  Also post  in the Artemis forum with the Artemis number as the header and put an explanation in the body of the post.  That gives you a double chance at getting it dealt with quickly.


                I sent the email about 3 hours ago.

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                  Okay..Thank you for your quick response. What Version of McAfee are you subscribed to? Version (13.6) has re-introduced Exclusions of files. However, I am hesitant to mention due to the fact the file in question,could very well indeed be "Malicious" in content.


                  Only choose this option if you are absolutely certain ,the File/Program is Safe/Legitimate.


                  With the way software changes so quickly, and determining which Site it was Downloaded from, You exclude files from detection at your own risk. Simply meaning (Security Wise) I always suggest making sure the particular File/Program in question has been Cleared/Whitelisted.


                  I might add, try submitting it using the McAfee Getsusp Tool, please enter your email address under "Preferences" before scanning.


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                  Wishing you all the Very Best,



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                    Since gmail doesn't allow sending a zip file with an exe in it (password protected or not) I downloaded getsusp and clicked the "Upload" button.

                    Fairly quickly the tool said that the file is OK, "no suspicious files found"


                    All good and well, then why is my software listed twice on virus totalJ:

                    McAfee   Artemis!78F6D77997CC  20140812
                    McAfee-GW-Edition   Artemis!78F6D77997CC  20140811


                    I did not see a "work item" ?

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                      Thanks for responding.


                      > please enter your email address under "Preferences" before scanning


                      I now did that and uploaded the file again via the upload button but the result was the same and no work ID.


                      I don't run McAfee myself at the moment.  I just got alerted of the fact that my software is being flagged and I want it fixed to avoid issues for my users.

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                        Hmmmmmm...Quite possibly another Moderator will pick up this thread,and further assist you in answering this question. It may be that after allowing the appropriate time, simply posting back the "FalseArtemis!" Someone from McAfee Labs can further expedite the process.


                        Again, could you please inform me of your McAfee Version?




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                          I see...Did your Particular Security preference detect it? You may try Running some of the Superb (Free) tools in this Link:

                          Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                          I recommend running the Latest Stinger(Read How to use) followed up by Malwarebytes(Free) Version only.

                          You can also keep the (Free) Version of Malwarebytes on board for future use,as a compliment to your present Security Application.


                          Simply always make certain you update before scanning. It is compatible with all Anti-Virus Applications,in the unique method it scans/detects/removes Malware.


                          I must add that Malwarebytes (Free) has no RTS Module, meaning no Protection. Yet will detect what may have by-passed your current Protection. It is simply meant to be used as a (On-Demand Scanner)


                          Please post back your results...


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                          All the very best,


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