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    adware. tracking cookie how do I get rid of it and keep it off my computer?

      For all those who are wondering. If you've used super anti spyware or any other of the tools recommended via McAfee tech support, you've probably found "adware. tracking cookie" as it is know when found in the scan by Super Anti Spyware. Also known as LSO'S

      This cookie is potentially harmful because it invades your privacy on the internet and tracks your movements as you browse the internet. It also can cause less than desirable computer performance. It is questionable but probable that it is even capable of stealing your passwords. Combine with infected Java Script that get downloaded on your system, it can be deadly to your operating system.

      So how do you get rid of it? If you don't have super Anti Spyware already, go to http://www.superantispyware.com and download the free version, run a full scan on your computer and let the program remove whatever infection it finds.

      Unfortunately McAfee Security Suite does not seem to currently have a way to protect you against these kind of threats, but I was very pleased when McAfee didn't install tracking cookies on my PC when I logged in, and that McAfee does not use tracking cookies. I was shocked to learn via a Google search that sites like Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, My Space, Facebook, even Google and many other known sites download these tracking cookies when you visit their site. Adobe Flash Player is one of the worst for allowing these cookies or LSO's to get on your system.

      The next step, I recommended using Mozilla Firefox to do most of your internet browsing. It is still the most secure browser available Go to http://www.mozilla.com and download Firefox 3.5 for free. You'll want to also install a plugin on the firefox browser called "Better Privacy" Version 1.29. "Super Cookie Safe Guard". Do this after Mozilla Firefox is installed. This tools is a very cool, because it allows you to see the origin of where these cookies came from, in case you ever want to pick a bone with someone for invading your privacy.:mad:

      This will put up a Firewall on your browser that will prevent sites from loading tracking cookies on your system and allow you to remove LSO'S quickly when they do occur, via the options panel. You should now be able to have peace of mind in knowing that your privacy cannot being invaded because of tracking cookies anymore!

      If your using Internet Explorer install all security add - ons that prevent tracking cookies from entering your system.

      Hope this is helpful for those who need it.