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    Welcome page links : LinkedIn & YouTube blocked by SiteAdvisor


      Not necessarily an interface problem but something I haven't seen happen before. In the same section of external links on https://community.mcafee.com/welcome there are two, to LinkedIn and YouTube, which throw up a blocking page from SiteAdvisor which I haven't seen before.


      McAfee SiteAdvisor LIVE protection alert - Safety for the real-time web


      New SiteAdvisor blocking page.PNG



      If this is a blatant marketing ploy to pressure people to upgrade to SiteAdvisor Live then it's both unnecessary and intrusive.


      I also wonder about that bit that says McAfee "only tests links posted by .. SiteAdvisor Live partners". That implies other links aren't tested, which would seem to make the product massively untrustworthy.


      One for the SiteAdvisor section, probably.