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    "DNS Server Unavailable" (Testimonial)


      This 'discussion' is mainly a Testimonial, and how to fix the "DNS Server Unavailable" issue in Windows 7/8/8.1.


      First off, my name is Adam Lopez, and I have been with McAfee for around 2 years now. I have enjoyed the service provided by McAfee for these two years, everything was well and organized. The Only thing I wish they had fix, was their Tech Support, my gosh. It's like literally talking to a robot (It's true, they are Robots/AIs). Other than that it's all-in-all a very great Product. It's helped me many times fight off Trojans and Viruses at the same time without me doing anything at all! Especially the "Artemis!" Trojan. All things we're very great about McAfee, although I can't stay with them for long and I will say why.


      In the past few months, I can not connect to the Internet due to McAfee. All TCP, UDP, DNS Lookups (DNS Servers), and Connections to my Router were being block by McAfee regardless of the Network Setting in it. As much as I tried, every attempt failed, even Re-Installs didn't work. So, I've been searching the Internet for a way to resolve this issue (without contacting McAfee's Robot Support Program), when I seen that Windows comes with Anti-Virus Software FOR FREE. Windows 7 and 8 users, do not need to spend $50 when you just bought Windows 8 for $50 (Prices may vary)! The best part about it, is that it comes with Windows, for Free at NO additional cost. This program of course, I will not say as I don't want to Advertise another Company on McAfee.


      What I am trying to say is that McAfee is cheap. The service is now worthless, the programs don't work, nothing. Before, it was all a breeze and nothing was wrong. And now, just no. Wake up McAfee! IT'S 2014 NOW. Get Tech Support guys WHO ACTUALLY TYPE, and not 'Copy and Paste.' *sigh, everything is now collapsing upon me.


      My advice to people who bought McAfee, is to hope that it works. Advice to people to do "consider" buying McAfee, don't. It's a waste of Money.


      This is all in my opinion and my opinion only, this was not intended as an insult, but was meant for McAfee to change the way they make their Software.



      Now then, about the DNS Server Unavailable, the SIMPLEST way to fix it, is to Clear your DNS Cache

      To do this (For Windows 7/8/8.1):

      1. Open CMD in Administration Mode
      2. Type in ipconfig /flushdns
      3. You should get a message saying "Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache"

      This is as I said "A Simple Fix" and is not too complex to do. If this all doesn't work, then well, do a simple Google search.


      I thank McAfee Inc. for their Services, and Support.


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          Hi slayer12

          Please post back the Service request number that you received from Tech Support representative so that I can look into the case history.

          I should admit that McAfee Security has lot more functionality and Features when compared to free AV Solutions..!

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            There was two,

            1: 1390392422

            2: 1429503730


            And on the Second one, I did clearly mention my experience with Support last time I was here. The first Rep. was kind, but was clearly visible that it was a bot. No one IN THE WORLD can type a few sentences IN 2-3 SECONDS. Second Rep was also the same, typed humongous paragraphs in a matter of seconds (Correct me if I am wrong, I get confused with other Support companies who actually type, sorry if it came out mean :c).


            I also do agree with you on that, McAfee does have more features, but is a bit OverPriced if you ask me. $50? C'mon, I have tried that one it's no where near worth $50 Probably $36.99 but not 50 dollars. There's also nothing more "better" as I should say, about more features. Of course this is of personal choice, so everyone has different things they like or don't like. But really McAfee has been adding a LOT more Third-Party Software, that isn't necessary, than a Traditional AV (Especially the ones that come with Windows 7/8).

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              Were the responses applicable to your problem? I started my career on a support desk and there were MANY times I wished I could reply with cut-and-paste response to the 100th time I'd been asked the same question that day.

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                Hi slayer12

                I reviewed the details of Service request that you posted, one was in Dec 2013 contacted for Real Time Scanning issue and the other was during Feb 2014 for Online Games In-accessible.

                Both the Sessions were engaged smoothly and you were given appropriate information/Troubleshooting steps.

                I agree with SafeBoot 's post above where it is effective to handle customers by using Copy / Paste Templates. I should add that it is almost impossible to employ a bot for Customer Service chat where responses will not be appropriate.