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    possible unwanted program


      As I don't seem to be able to locate any discussions on this subject (and I know that there is at least one), I would like to start one.


      Recently my McAfee protection has been bringing up a notice on my screen about a possible unwanted program (PUP): ADWARE-BPROTECT


      The notice comes up regularly, like every 15 seconds for ~ 3 x and then it stops for a while, then resumes this notification. The choices it gives me is "delete", "accept" and "cancel"


      I have chosen each choice over the last few weeks and still the notice comes up on my screen. It is getting very annoying.

      It appears that McAfee has quarantined it but when I chose "delete", it doesn't seen to be able to delete the program. OR somehow the program is getting reloaded without my knowing it.

      In any case, I don't want the damn program and want some way to permanently get rid of it.


      I have also gone to Control panel/delete program but I can't find this thing. I am operating Win 8.1.


      Any ideas?