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    Users working remote have no internet access.   Access is restored when removing HIPS?




      I have a very bizarre problem here.   I've been getting scattered and seemingly random reports of users working remote (outside of the corporate offices; not connected to the corporate network) not being able to connect to the internet at all.   They are able to connect to different networks, but have no access to the internet.


      Some of our support staff have linked the issue to HIPS, as uninstalling HIPS allows them to get back online.

      Another thing we've noticed is, when the users come into the office, they have no problem connecting to the internet.   No changes are done to McAfee software.


      Most users have the same version of HIPS 8 P4, with the same policies.   The problem appears to affect some, but not all users, regardless of the same settings being applied to them.


      I know it's a weird one, but any help with this would be hugely helpful.