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    Delayed e-mail via Mcafee SAAS / MXLogic doesn't retry?


      Was wondering if someone could help me, I'm intermittently having problem's with mail being delayed to us and ultimately bouncing back undeliverable, it's essentially the same problem as described at Email Bouncing Back From MXLOGIC


      When I check the mail that has been delayed, I see the following..

      2014-08-08 11:16:14 BSTRecipient Disposition: [250 Deferred; Mode: normal; Queued: yes; Frontend TLS: yes; SPF: n/a]
      2014-08-08 11:18:14 BSTDetail: first attempt failure: 250 alias@domain.com ok (rcptmode: normal)


      I've checked all the obvious things that spring to mind, our firewall is actually set to accept SMTP connections from everywhere at the moment (we opened it up the last time this happened a few weeks ago), we're not greylisting or doing RBL lookups for anything - When I check the SMTP RECV logs I can see plenty of other mail being accepted from the Mcafee connector during the same time-frame that this was logged.


      So my question is why is this happening? if the first attempt fails isn't it supposed to spool and retry delivery? The mail was sent at 11:16 and according to the audit log above it's tried delivery once but hasn't tried again since, the sender is now receiving the usual "delayed for 4 hour messages" from mxlogic.net but that same sender has tried sending the message again and it's come through immediately; so what's happened to the original message?


      Any help is much appreciated!