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    Can you have a policy make a mail go out a specified network interface?




      A sliver of the marketing department at $client feels very strongly about wheeling email  that originates from one of a trusted $cloudvendor (that rhymes with SmalesHorse)  through the MEGs rather than it being sent from the vendor's cloud directly.   For the sake of argument, assume there are compelling business reasons to do so to make the most of $cloudvendor's  services and metrics. Unfortunately,  I don't entirely trust $marketDepartment's customer database on that cloud vendor is 100% double opt in, and the frequency of their mailings even for double opt in folks is always dancing the line of what folks will eventually get irritated enough with to report as spam.   


      Accordingly, I'd like our upstream firewall to be able to NAT this outbound email to a separate IP address such that--should spam complaints start coming from this group's mailings--they don't go against our main mail IP's that handle more business-critical mail.


      To achieve this goal, I'd like MEG to be able to send certain outbound email out a virtual NIC that has a different IP than the primary interface... so that the upstream firewall can cheerfully NAT it to a separate IP address outbound.


      Thoughts... (other than telling the requester to go fly a kite?)?