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    MWG Downloads, not working for all


      We are faced with an issue that appears to be effecting only a particular website for downloading large files.

      Even with/without data trickling or progress page, it appears the MWG starts downloading the file, but the client is just left 'pending'.  Sometimes works, more often not.  Presume the client is gettin bored before the file is fully download and MWG starts handing it to the client.


      Also allow/not for Anti-Malware.


      With do not see a progress page and even with data trickling, appears to be downloading the entire file before sending to the client.


      Other sites do appear to work.


      MWG 17593

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          can you share a screenshot of your policy so we can see the order of the rules, especially where in the policy Data Trickling/Progress Pages are enabled?

          Are there any exceptions so that the Progress Indication rules are not executed for the downloads you do?

          Is there any next-hop involved which does data-trickling itself?