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    SiteAdvisor issue with Firefox and all the uninstallation problems


      I hope I have finally find the right place to ask for real help...

      So I have on my computer the VirusScan Enterprise, the Security Scan Plus, and the McAfee Agent, I am not sure which one integrated the SiteAdvisor.

      But it all begins with the stupid SiteAdvisor (version is 3.5) keep blocking my attempt to update the Firefox browser. It claims that the Firfox update package is unsafe and deletes it every time.

      So I tried to uninstall it and and this page How to uninstall SiteAdvisor does absolutely no help because (A) there was no SiteAdvisor on the program list, (B) nor can I remove any of the three (supposedly one of them has the SiteAdvisor integrated) because it keeps saying "other products are still using it"

      And then I saw this page http://www.ehow.com/about_5042611_mcafee-agent.html says SiteAdvisor comes alongwith McAfee Agent

      So I tried to follow this page McAfee KnowledgeBase - How to manually remove McAfee Agent 4.x to unintall the Agent, but again, neither of the two solutions worked.

      When I followed Solution 1, no frminst.exe can be found anywhere on my computer.

      When I followed Solution 2, I got stuck at Step 1 c. because it won't let me change the Start's Value to 4, just keep saying "Cannot edit Start. Error with the value's new contents".

      There are many other solutions out there on the internet but at this point I'm really confused since I don't know who to believe now that the official ways fail.

      So someone please help.