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    How to see longer list of threads?


      Am I overlooking a navigation option, or is there no way to see a view that has a full list of threads within a given community?  


      For instance,  say I'm interested in the SIEM Community  Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)       - I can see the REcent discussions, blog posts, and all content widgets, but I don't see a way like we used to have to see all discussions.  The widget for recent discussions also doesn't have any obvious way to view more than the 10 or so most recent ones.


      I don't want to have to drill down into all the categories of SIEM either to check for new discussions.   


      I'd love for this functionality where all posts under a top level community were viewable with the ability to scroll to the next 50 or so on the list. 

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          A helpful McAfee employee engaged out of band was able to resolve this gripe for me.    When in a forum,   say   VirusScan Enterprise   ...   from that page you only get to see 15 recent discussions.  You'd like to see all of em.   To do so, in the red "blurry people milling about a train station" picture area near the top,   click the white "Content"    menu link. Then click the discussions tab.   And then to get rid of the god awful square view of the discussions,  click the stack of pancakes icon in the upper right rather than the 4 squares default. 


          And voila, the view you were used to.   Deep link:   VirusScan Enterprise 


          I've been told my request for a "More..."  link/button  within the "Recent discussions"  web portlet  is being tracked and will be considered for future enhancements to the portal. 

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            Peter M

            Yes the new board is not the easiest thing to negotiate but glad you got it clarified.     The "More" button is something we've asked for.   As with all "upgrades" I find it's a case of 1 step forward and 3 steps back.....unfortunately.it;s a fact.



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              That said, one thing I really like is the facebook-like  notifications in the inbox alerting me to activity on threads I've been active on.  That's pretty sweet.

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                Peter M

                There are some good points.  The trouble is there are far more bad points from our angle....They/re working on it.