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    Help! I think I have the Win64/alureon.gen!B virus


      I think I may be infected with this virus. My computer has been doing weird things for a long time. I have the McAfee total protection that is up to date. Whenever I try to use my computer I get a pop up box that says windows malicious software removal tool wants to make changes to your computer. A few times I have gotten a message that says only part of the malware could be removed. If I try to use mcafee it looks like it is scanning my computer but I have read this virus can do a fake scan. I have noticed the real time mcafee scanner cuts off as soon as I cut it on. Also, I have tried to download and run a program to fix this but my computer will not open an executable file. I get an error that says "the remote procedure call failed". I have been in my commuter and the remote procedures are set correctly. I have seen a pop up windows/system32/MRT.exe the remote procedure call failed.

      Please help. I have done all I know to do. Does Mcafee remove viruses if you subscribe to their software or do they charge you to remove it? Sorry for all the questions. I am really frustrated! Thanks.

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