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    Can't check for updates with Total Protection.


      When I click to check for updates, the update screen appears for only a second and then goes right back to "Home."  I do have it set to install updates automatically but I just usually check it anyway before I run a scan just to be sure.  Any help would be appreciated. 

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                   Has this behavior just started? What Version of McAfee Total Protection are you currently running?

          The most current Engine Version is (1972.0)  Try temporarily Unchecking (Access Protection) and see if it remains open and updates. If so,re-enable Access Protection. Run a Quick Scan,and restart.


                    Are you up to date and current with all Windows updates, to include Internet Explorer even if you don,t use it. McAfee does to function properly. Are all of your Addons/Extensions current ? To include Adobe Flash Player(


                  You can try running the latest MVT to check and see if it finds any problems https://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/en-us/downloadindex.html


                  Are you still capable of performing a scan? Short of resetting Internet Explorer, You can always contact Technical Support 24/7 for assistance.   McAfee Consumer Products - Types of Support


                     I might add when upon reaching the Technical Support page, McAfee Virtual Technician will be available on the top left.




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            There was an "optional" update available for Windows 8.1.  I installed that and was then able to update McAfee to the 1972.0 version.  I ran a quick scan and all seems to be working OK now.  Thanks, Catdaddy!

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              You are perfectly welcome

              Glad that all is okay. If I may, ask if you feel your assistance was helpful ,and your issues are resolved. Please mark appropriately, and we can consider this matter resolved,and close this thread.


              Having said this..Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us again.


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