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    McAfee Linux DAT issue


      Hi there,


      I currently have McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux installed. I upgraded to ePo 5.1 and also installed Patch HF972024. Not sure which is the issue however I realised that the DAT is not being updated. There is communication from the ePO server to Linux and vice versa, however DAT is still on the same DAT of the above installation. Linux is Red Hat 6.5.

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          Hi, I assume since this is 6 months old that you've solved this problem by now, but can you post what the solution was?  I'm having the same and/or similar problem where the communication is occuring perfectly between the ePO server and the clients but some Linux clients are not getting the updates and some are.  I'm running ePO version 4.65, build 168 and Red Hat Linux 4.1.2-50 (kernel 2.6.32-200.13.1.el5uek)(same as 5.7).