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    Mcafee doesn't fix Artemis false positives in a timely manner


      Here is the link to a file that comes in a game called "Payday 2". I play and recieve the files from Steam. When I load the game Mcafee keeps flagging the file as a virus, causing the game to fail. I sent them an email trying to get it fixed and the automated system sent me a response and I never got anything back after that, and weeks later the file is still being detected. What is going on at Mcafee??? I later foung out that I can't exclude files that are falsely detected by Artemis. This is a pain as most security products will allow you to exlude files from realtime scanning but Mcafee does not. I find that crazy for a security product that has been around for years. The fact that I have to email them a file and not even have the false positive removed is ridiculous! This is my first time on the Mcafee forums so please I would like some help in getting this FP resolved as soon as possible. I am currently using Mcafee Total Protection- All Access provided by my ISP on my home pc, but on this one I'm using Comodo IS Premium because they unlike Mcafee are actually able to fix False Detections!



      Virustotal link of False Positive:

      https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/f695e41d28c23e7907fde1e47f53a4328b984746f3dbb 72dfbaceab85e3496fd/analysis/1407103272/

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